dimarts, 30 de maig de 2017



Highland games are held in Scotland in summer- it's a sporting tradition. Events incude throwing heavy metal objects and ever tree trunks, but there are also races, Scottish Higland dancing competitions and the "tug-of-war". You need to be fit and very strong to win!!


Americans celebrate their favourite sandwich for an entire month. On verage, every single person in the USA eats three burgers a week, that's nearly 50 billion hamburgers every year. That's a lot of burgers!!


This picture shows a woman holding a chimpanzee's hand in a forest. The woman is waring a white T-shirt and shorts. She also wears a pair of flip-flops. She has blonde hair and it seems she is on her four tees. In the left part, there's a baby chimpanzee. The chimpanzee might be 6 months old and he's black with a white face and ears. It looks cute and sweet. In the background, you can see a path that goes inside the jungle and some trees. I think it might be some African jungle, maybe it's Tanzania. I think it's a happy and peaceful photo. 

I have chosen this photo because of the relationship between the woman and the chimpanzee. The woman in the photo is Jane Goodall. Jane is a biologist and zoologist. She has always been interested in animal behaviour and she has done plenty of investigations in Africa. She has always protected the chimpanzees from the hunters and has promoted the ecological responsibility. 

This photo represents the result of a hard working experience. After being a year or more with the chimpanzees, they haven't just finally accepted Jane's presence or aren't afraid of her; they trust her. The relationship between them is incredible. They trust each other without understanding one another. When they're holding her hands, they prove that they don't mind being different. It's amazing how a human can do such amazing things for the humanity and for the environment. It represents that, despite all the damage that some humans do, there are some people that still love our planet and fight for protecting it. 

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Entertainment apps are a very popular way to watch TV series or films nowadays. There are plenty of them: Netflix, Wuaki TV, movistar +,... With all these ways, often cheaper, for watching whatever we want, is it really worth it going to the cinema?

Firstly, I prefer seeing series or films online. I think that's a cheaper way of entertainment and that is more comfortable than going to the cinema. You can just chill out, open the app and enjoy a relaxing time seated on your sofa, with or without popcorns. In addition, you don't have to move and it's a lot faster: no queues, no waiting for the film to start, no ads... Another advantage is that you can also watch series! In wich cinema can you see any series' season? 

On the other hand, watching films at cinema is funnier than watching them at home. The screen is bigger and the resolution is better. Also, if the internet connection isn't working, there's no problem! You can watch it anyway! Another advantage of watching films at the cinemas is that you can buy popcorn! They're crunchy and delicious. 

To sum up, I think that it's cheaper and easier to watch TV series or films on entertainment apps but that oce or twice a moth, you can perfectly go to the cinema and you'll have an amazing, funny and out of routine experience. 


Last year I foud out that Adele was about to do a concert in Barcelona. I'm a big fan of her and I love all her songs. My mother wanted to see her too and we decideed to pick up two tickets. 

The day taht the tickets went on sale my father had to buy them before they had run out. At night, I asked him if he could buy them and he said that he was so sorry but that he couldn't. I was really sad. 

On my birthday, two months later, I received a pink envelope with two tickets in. They were Adele's ones! I was so happy and I enjoyed the concert so much! It was the best birthday ever! 


Hello everyone! Last weekend I woke up at 7.30. I ate breakfast and then I went to the pool (training) from 8.30 to 11.0. After that, I went back home and I ate a second breakfast. Aproximately half an hour later, me and my dad drove to Barcelona and bought some stuff there. I spent the rest of the day studying. On Sunday, I studied during the morning. In the afternoon, we went to the cinema to watch the new film "La la land". I think it was amazing! 

dijous, 25 de maig de 2017


Hi auntie, 

How are you? I hope you're well. I'm writing to tell you about my new friend. 
She's from New York and her name is Isabelle. She's 23. She's also tall and skinny. She has black and curly hair and black eyes too. She loves reading books and listening to music. Although she doesn't have any pets, she'd love to have one. Isabelle plays volleyball and karate. She's kind and friendly. I think you would like her if you two meet. 

Lots of love,